November 2017 - The Pathologist - Taking the 'Bank' out of Biobank

Users agree that biobanks aren’t delivering – but what’s wrong, and how can it be fixed?

By Vanessa Tumilasci, Project Management and Communications, Trans-Hit Biomarkers Inc., Laval, Canada

November 2017

Dominic Allen’s article (1), “A Failed Model,” highlights some of the reasons why biobanks are failing to provide the...

Pubication (May 2017) on the need for traceability for all human biospecimen

Book Chapter - The role of Biobanks in Biomarker validation

Chapter 3 - Introduction: The Cardinal Role of Biobanks and Human Biospecimen Collections in Biomarker Validation: Issues Impeding Impact of Biomarker Research Outcomes (Read more - click on the link)

Article - Nature Medicine - Finding ways to improve the use of biobanks - July 2013

A recent news story in Nature Medicine (19, 253, 2013) proposed a number of solutions to the problem of sample underuse in biospecimen repositories, but the article failed to address one imporant source of underuse: the lack of access to biobank resources by reserachers working in the biomedical industry. (Read more - click on the link)